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Take a look at all the walleye baits and tackle items available. You’ll find walleye rods, reels and combinations and plenty of lures, jigs, spinners, grubs and harnesses. We also have hooks, snells, sinkers, as well as books and DVDs. All are from quality merchants offering well-known brands like Loomis, Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, Northland and Lindy.

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Early Summer Walleye…

So, now that we’re getting into summer and the water is warming into the 60’s, walleyes are hungry and aggressive. And they’re not necessarily feeding at a particular depth, but bottom to top, throughout the water column. There are two major spring/early summer events to consider. First, once the water hits a certain temperature, the algae begins to bloom, attracting minnows to feed on the nutrients blooms provide. Minnows are a walleye favorite, of course, so they will follow them up to the shallower depths along the shore to feast on the baitfish. Snap jigging at a slow troll is often a great way to go. Popping the jig up quickly and then letting it drop slowly toward the floor can appear to a walleye as an easy meal trying to escape.

An additional feeding opportunity at this time of year is the bug hatch. Every spring, mayflies and other larvae and flies are hatching and walleye will gorge themselves on them. Again, this feeding can occur anywhere in the water column because walleye will actually root through soft bottoms searching for nymphs or come right up to the surface to suck them up. Many fishermen figure that when the hatch is on, walleyes are filled to the gills with hatchlings and have no interest in chasing after anglers’ presentations. That’s not entirely true, however. Considering that walleyes are focused on small prey, running smaller spinners, butterfly blades and jigs trailing a leech or half a crawler along the outer edges of insect clouds can be very successful.

Of course, techniques and strategies like the above are only starting points and, with a little research, you’ll find a lot of great ideas for spring and summer success.


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Best Spring Walleye Baits


The Rapala Jigging Rap has been around for nearly 50 years and represents the gold standard among anglers. Its sleek, minnow profile and crazy circular swimming motion mimics a wounded baitfish that can ignite strikes from suspended walleyes. The bill at the back-end allows for the rap’s movement on both the rise and fall. Rapala also offers jigging raps with a UV finish, great in low light or stained water. Depending on your line weight and water conditions, you can have a lot of success with sizes #5, #7, or #9.


With its lipless, deep belly profile, the Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap crankbait is designed to dive and rip with the best of them. Flat, skinny sides allow the Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap to flutter on the drop with a hard-vibrating action that’s accented with a loud, BB rattle system. Other features include textured scales and gills with deep-set 3D holographic eyes. Adding to this crankbait’s deadly disposition are fast-piercing VMC® black nickel hooks.



Used in Sweden for more than 100 years, the Bay de Noc Swedish Pimple jigging spoon delivers exceptional results on saltwater and freshwater fish. A tried-and-true ice fishing legend for decades, and the first to incorporate a flicker blade as standard equipment; just use a sharp vertical jig motion to execute an erratic injured baitfish action. Flashy and responsive, the Pimple is effective whether fished plain or tipped with bait.






Made of top-quality, 100% pure tungsten, the compact Custom Jigs & Spins Chekai Tungsten Jig offers superb control for enticing finicky panfish in any ice fishing setting. Its large eyes, concave face, and smooth rounded sides allow you to perform smooth, subtle movements that fool wary fish.

  • 100% pure tungsten head
  • Attracts all species of panfish
  • Affords precise jigging control

For You?

G.Loomis GLX Walleye Series Spinning Rod


Thanks to the input received from tournament anglers, guides, shop owners and pro staffers, G. Loomis® has come up with the accurate, high-performance, technique-specific GLX Walleye Series Spinning Rod. These walleye rods are all about performance, with improved actions, and more precise tapers and length adjustments to cover the most technical aspects of walleye fishing, especially where light weight and sensitivity are paramount to success.

  • High-performance, technique-specific rods
  • Especially lightweight and sensitive
  • Precise tapers and lengths
  • RECOIL guides
  • Cork handle

Or the Kids?

Shakespeare Catch More Fish Spinning Rod and Reel Combo for Walleye


When kids can catch fish, they’re more likely to enjoy themselves. Beginning anglers really will catch more fish—and have more fun—with the Shakespeare® Catch More Fish Spinning Rod and Reel Combo for Walleye. Ready to fish right out of the box, this easy-to-use combo comes pre-rigged with premium Stren® fishing line and includes a boxful of lures and tackle specially chosen to help them catch walleye. Tackle box contents: 4 Berkley® PowerBait® Minnows, 4 PowerBait Grubs, 2 jigheads, 1 nightcrawler harness rig, 2 walking sinkers, 3 octopus hooks, and 5 fluorescent beads, plus a handy rigging guide with knot-tying instructions and bait selection advice!

Walleye Weight Calculator


Don’t have a scale or forgot to bring it? Try this calculator. Just plug in the relevant numbers for a pretty fair estimate of your trophy catch’s weight. There are all kinds of formulas for approximating weights, but this calculator has been calibrated to the known lengths/girths of the largest walleyes on record. Be sure to measure from the front tip of the lower jaw to the very end of the tail. Then measure the girth at the widest part around the body.

If you’re using a tape measure, lay the fish flat on top of it. Don’t make the mistake of pulling the tape over the top of the fish, because you’re likely to bend the tape over the fish’s contours. That will give you an inaccurate length that won’t pass muster with Fish & Game on those closer calls.

Weight (lbs)

Spring Walleye Fishing Videos

Hair jig breakdown for SHALLOW spring walleyes


Great Spring Walleye Lures

Rapala Original Floating Minnow

Rapala floating minnow

The Rapala Original Floating Minnow is the lure that started it all and is still one of the most popularures around. Whether twitched on the top as a surface bait, retrieved as a shallow runner, weighted with a split-shot for medium-depth swimming.

Bass Pro Shops XPS Walleye Jigs

Endorsed by top walleye pros, theses jigs have a unique flat-footed design that keeps your bait in a natural ”feeding” position, just out of bottom debris. Great for vertical jigging in current. Upsized wide-gap premium hook; sharp, vivid colors. 6 pack.

Rapala Shad Rap Hardbait

rapala shad wrap

Balsa wood construction under incredible finishes makes the Rapala Shad Rap the lure big fish find irresistible. Built tough with hard-divingips and sharp treble hooks, theseegendaryures have the power to survive even the toughest fights.

Smithwick Walleye Deep Floating Rattlin' Rogue

Smithwick Deep Running Floating Rattlin Rogue

When you need to get deep, reach for a Smithwick Walleye Deep Floating Rattlin’ Rogue. This proven minnowbait with the extended divinglip floats at rest and digs down quickly when on the move. Equipped withoud fish-attracting rattles

Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk

A natural for walleye, the Rapala® Down Deep Husky Jerk is designed to reach depths approaching 20′ on the troll and more than 10′ on the cast. Choose from painted, silver-plated finishes or the hot glass patterns with a transparent body and holographic foil spine that reflects light in all directions. Complete with premium VMC® black nickel treble hooks.

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