Walleye Baits

Walleye Baits covers the best bait and tackle for catching this crafty fish. Compare jigs, lures, and more. Learn their habits and characteristics and the strategies that can help you land one of the craftiest adversaries fresh waters have to offer.

Take a look at all the walleye baits and tackle items available. You’ll find walleye rods, reels and combinations and plenty of lures, jigs, spinners, grubs and harnesses. We also have hooks, snells, sinkers, as well as books and DVDs. All are from quality merchants offering well-known brands like Loomis, Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, Northland and Lindy. Going with the best names in the business can give you the edge.

Winter Walleye Fishing


Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you can’t catch walleye. Most of the basic rules continue to apply, but there are some specific cold weather strategies that can increase your chance for success.

Firstly, the best times for catching walleye still hold true. The hours surrounding dusk and dawn are when walleye are most aggressive, taking full advantage of their low light capability to forage for food. You can also have good luck during regular daytime hours if the weather is snowy or overcast. Start fishing deep during daylight hours and move to shallower areas as the sun begins to set. Walleye are a little like zombies -- they don’t like to come out in the bright light.

Night fishing for walleye can be rewarding, as well. Wait until their renowned light gathering eyes have adjusted, an hour or so after darkness has set in. They’ll be back on the prowl, patrolling shallower waters looking for a late-night snack. If you have some good moonlight, all the better.

Knowing when a walleye is in a biting mood is one thing, but you also need to know where they’re hanging out. It’s always good to learn the best spots on a lake or river before the ice sets up. If you’re not already familiar with a particular body of water, you can use a fish finder and map out the areas and depths where they‘re holding. Again, most of the usual rules apply. Walleye like rock or gravel bottoms, holes, dams, structures with drop-offs, etc.

There are differences, however, between early and late winter walleye fishing. As the first ice begins to set early in the season, walleye tend to remain in deep water that’s close to the shallows where they can take advantage of the last remaining bait fish. But during the latter part of winter, they will begin to focus on the spring spawn and move into staging areas near their spawning grounds. If you’re lake fishing, locate spots where rivers or creeks come in, as they tend to supply the warmer water walleye like to stage in. If you’re on a river, look for areas where their upstream movement will be blocked by dams or other man-made or natural obstructions. But remember, they aren’t exactly at those spots just yet. They’ll be exhibiting their late winter, pre-spawn behavior, which means staging themselves somewhere just off their spawning ground. So the key often is fishing the spot closest and deepest to the spawning site. But, don’t wander too far off from ground zero, walleye are likely staging within 30 feet from that point.

truck towing ice house falls through ice


Safety First!


Of course, this is a good time to remind everyone that safety comes first. You’ll want to be certain that the ice is thick enough to support whatever you’re bringing to the game. According to the experts, if it’s just yourself and your gear, the ice should be at least 4 inches thick. If you are bringing your midsized truck onto the ice, make sure you’ve got at least a foot underneath you. By the time the ice is that thick, it will be the middle of winter and time for a new strategy to tempt those otherwise lethargic ’eyes to take the bait.

Or, be like this guy….

But, DON’T be like this guy -- Watch, it’s going to go to the bottom…. and very nearly takes the driver with it…

Walleye Weight Calculator


Don’t have a scale or forgot to bring it? Try this calculator. Just plug in the relevant numbers for a pretty fair estimate of your trophy catch’s weight. There are all kinds of formulas for approximating weights, but this calculator has been calibrated to the known lengths/girths of the largest walleyes on record. Be sure to measure from the front tip of the lower jaw to the very end of the tail. Then measure the girth at the widest part around the body.

If you’re using a tape measure, lay the fish flat on top of it. Don’t make the mistake of pulling the tape over the top of the fish, because you’re likely to bend the tape over the fish’s contours. That will give you an inaccurate length that won’t pass muster with Fish & Game on those closer calls.

Weight (lbs)


     Your Walleye Weather!

Use Temperature Drop-down for more choices, Hold left mouse button to move map, + -- to change size

Stay warm on the most brutal days with the top-of-the-line Frabill® Predator Insulated Ice Shelter. With its 75″ ceiling, the Predator gives you true stand-up headroom—more than enough for inside drilling, and for executing an eye-crosser of a hookset when that beast slams your jig. Available in traditional single-front-door design or dual SideStep™ side door entry that not only allows easy in/out from either side without stepping over holes and gear, but also features a vertical front wall design for even more inside room to accommodate hooksetting and heater placement. Super-comfortable Modular Seating System with swiveling boat seats. The Frabill Predator Insulated Ice Shelter rides on a hard-working roto-molded base, with an incredibly rugged 1200 denier fabric shell supported by 1-1/4″ aluminum/steel poles for extreme stability in all conditions. 4 removable windows with shades, 2 interior pockets, 1 exterior clear pocket license holder, reflective tape on the exterior walls for safety in lowlight conditions.

Whether you do your ice fishing from a shack or prefer a mobile approach, the StrikeMaster® Lithium 40V Ice Auger will get the job done for you. This tough, durable electric auger does everything a gas drill does -- except that it won’t smoke you out of your shelter, leak gas, blow out your eardrums, or start hard. At only 24 -- 27 lbs., the StrikeMaster Lithium 40V Ice Auger is easy to transport, and the combination of its 15.9:1 planetary gear system and twin serrated stainless steel Lazer™ blades delivers impressive torque and power. With 16″ of ice, you can quickly drill 100 holes between charges with the 8″ model, or 80 holes with the 10″ model. And because of its advanced Internal Battery Management System, the 40V, 5 amp-hour lithium ion battery maintains full power to the end of the charge, with no fade-out, so you can keep drilling and reopening old holes with impunity. The StrikeMaster Lithium 40V Ice Auger includes a 2-amp rapid-charging base; a full recharge takes only 2-1/2 hours. To start drilling, just push a button; features both forward and reverse modes, custom impact-absorbing handles, and ergonomic controls with deadman safety switch and LED lights. Manufacturer 2-year warranty.

Winter Walleye Fishing Videos

How to Find Mid Winter Walleye

How to Find Mid Winter Walleye

Color Selection For Winter Walleyes

Color Selection For Winter Walleyes

Eskimo Pistol Bit VS KDrill Ice Auger

Eskimo Pistol Bit VS KDrill Ice Auger

5 Top Winter Walleye  Baits

LiveTarget Golden Shiner Rattlebait

Go fishing with confidence with Golden Shiner Rattlebait fromivetarget. This rattlebait is great for any season and can even be jigged vertically through the ice. Delicately balanced construction allows this rattlebait to sit upright when resting.

LiveTarget Golden Shiner Vibration Trap New 2" Size with David Walker | iCast 2018

Williams Nipigon Spoon - Silver/Blue Nu-Wrinkle

Named after the pristine Canadianake that produced the world-record brook trout, the Williams Nipigon Spoon sports either a genuine silver or 24-kt. gold finish. Its sleek, slender profile imitates a baitfish in distress, and performs equally well

Ice Fishing Jigging Spoon Selection for Walleyes

VMC Tingler Spoon Kit

The VMC Tingler Spoon Kit is a 3-pack of deadly ice fishing flutter spoons with action that no otherure can duplicate. Uniquely designed with a broad V-shaped, curved body style, the Tingler Spoon darts, wobbles, flutters, and quakes like a stressed baitfish

VMC® Tingler Spoon

Rapala Snap Rap

The unique design of the Rapala Snap Rap affords anglers another technique when fishing sandy and gravel bottoms, as well as deep West Coast reservoirs.

Rapala® Snap Rap®

Rapala Jigging Rap

Do as many tournament anglers do when the bite suddenly slows: vertical jig for suspended fish with the Rapala Jigging Rap. Sporting a great finish and designed with a center treble hook and eyelet for exceptional balance

How To Properly Rig Big Minnows for Fall Walleye Success